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Wholesale Christmas Tree Prices

Updateed January 9, 2016. We’re hoping for good planting season. We’ll see what summer brings and take I from there.

    • Premium Balsam Fir is $2.50 per foot up to 9 feet. After 9 feet the price goes up.
    • #1 Balsam is $2.00 per foot.
    • #2 Balsam is $1.50 per foot.
    • Premium Fraser Fir is $3.50 per foot to 8 ft.
    • Grade #1 Fraser Fir is $2.50 per foot.
    • Balsam Brush is $600 per ton.

Prices quoted are FOB (Freight On Board) from our shipping yard in Canaan, Vermont.
We urge you to visit the farm, please call with any questions. Prices are subject to change without notice. First time buyers may take advantage of deep discounts by ordering before July 31 2016. Please call for details.